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Taiwan University of Education

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National University of Tainan

National University of Tainan
  National University of Tainan (NUTN) was founded on June 30, 1899, named “Tainan Teachers School.” After the World War II, was renamed “Taiwan Provincial Taiwan Normal School.” And then, was renamed “Taiwan Provincial Tainan Teachers Junior College” and “National Tainan Teacher College.” on August 15, 1962 and July 1, 1991. Till now, we are a comprehensive university officially named “National University of Tainan” since August 1, 2004.

    National University of Tainan consists of five colleges, inclusive College of Education、Humanities and Social Sciences、Engineering、Environmental Sciences and Ecology and Performance and Visual Arts. NUTN has twenty-one departments, twenty-nine graduate institutes, and six doctoral programs. Besides, all of the Continuing Education and Professional Development programs currently offered by the National University of Tainan are for in-service or pre-service elementary school teachers.

    To raise competitiveness of students, NUTN takes “vision,” “innovation,” “efficiency,” and “excellence” as future direction for development. To meet the needs of society and entrepreneurs, the university is engaged with cooperative academic research and works together with entrepreneurs. To ensure a high standard of improving teacher’s specialist knowledge by conducting research, and to cultivate variety human resources, NUTN puts emphasis on developing of student research and creative abilities. NUTN is dedicated to establishing partner relationships with other domestic and overseas university to broaden global visions.

     For NUTN, scientific studies and humanities are both important, trying to integrate all its resources so that the students may improve in their ethical understanding, research ability, creativity, communicative ability, and practical knowledge in relevant jobs. The aims to be eminent among universities, NUTN try to distinguish it, and hoped will not only be famous in Taiwan but be internationally excellent.