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Taiwan University of Education

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Executive Officer


Executive Officer

Yi-Ku Ting, PH.D. http://acad.utaipei.edu.tw/ezfiles/1/1001/img/10/0O6A1343.jpg


 Assist the chancellor to integrate

 interscholastic resource including

 teaching, development, finance and


 Assist the chancellor to managing

 routine affairs or policy of TUE.  

Contact info.

Tel+886-2-2311-3040 #1101




Current position

 Executive Officer, Taiwan University of Education(2015.10.15-)

 Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Taipei

 Professor of Graduate School of Educational Administration and Evaluation,

 University of Taipei


 Visiting Scholar, Harvard University(1997)

 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of London(1987)

 Education PH. D., National Taiwan Normal University(1985)

Related Professional Experiences

 Ph.D., Graduate School of Primary Education, Taipei Municipal University of Education