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Taiwan University of Education

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National Taichung University of Education

National Taichung University of Education

National Taichung University of Education (NTCU) is a university with proud legacy. Founded in 1899 at the Confucian Temple in Changhwa and moved to the current site in 1923, the University has prepared not only excellent teachers but also talents in different fields, such as court judges, lawyers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and engineers. The University pursues its mission through erudition and excellence in education and fosters the enrichment and fulfillment of the whole person. Its guiding principles have been “refinement, creativity, and new prospect.” It emphasizes student-centered teaching, stresses both scientific and humanistic education, and advocates professionalism with critical thinking. Pursuing the goal as the regional, national, and global famous university, NTCU expects to be excellent because of its students, and expects its students to be excellent because of NTCU.

     With the advantages in the fields of education and art, NTCU has been a leader in the middle area of Taiwan.  It will continue to develop features for each academic department, to expand professional fields, to be one of the global leading research institutes, and in the rapid process of internalization, to become a renowned university.